How To Use The Credit Card Reward Points

Reward credit cards can be of good help when you use your credit card in a lot of places. Be it for shopping, travel, hotel bookings, or to even pay for your daily groceries. Efficiently using a credit card helps you ease a lot of debt burden as you can earn through your credit card by redeeming reward points and availing of cashback offers.

Almost all cards come with reward point systems. The algorithm to calculate reward points, however, might vary. Choosing a Credit Card with Best Rewards plays a crucial role as all credit cards have different reward point systems. Some might offer dedicated rewards on travel while others might offer on online shopping. Let’s get deep into how you should use your credit card reward points:

Vouchers: Credit card companies offer vouchers that can be issued against your reward points and can be used at shopping outlets, online shopping, hotel bookings, and food ordering apps, and at a number of places. Generally, these vouchers are brand specific. Once issued, cannot be used at different brand stores. These vouchers give you a good discount on your favorite products and help the stores to retain their customers and attract new ones.

Cashbacks: Certain cards give you cashback on using your card for various transactions. In this case, a person receives cashback instead of reward points. With partner brand outlets, some cards offer double cashback offers or a certain buffed percentage of cashback.

Miles: Miles benefits are paired up with certain travel credit cards. These points can be availed on flight tickets, Hotel bookings, Travel amenities, and other travel-related purchases. These cards come in handy for people who travel a lot and spend a ton on flights and hotels.

Partnered outlets and sites: Some credit cards are partnered with certain brands and provide dedicated offers to those outlets or online merchants. These cards really come in handy if you are interested in a particular brand or online shopping site. Offers include cashback, reward points, dedicated discounts on selected products, and the list goes on.SBI SimplyCLICK is one such credit card that provides a reward rate of 2.5% and is partnered with Amazon, Cleartrip, Netmeds, Lenskart, BookMyShow, and many more.

More ways to use Reward Points: Credit card companies may offer Add-on services to avail your reward points. Such services might include Fuel purchases, Educational spending, Dining transactions, and such like. These services are of benefit if you need a multipurpose credit card and you spend over multiple categories.


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